Home Arduino projects Dimmerino – Part 1 – Constant voltage mode power PCB for LED strips.

Dimmerino – Part 1 – Constant voltage mode power PCB for LED strips.

Dimmerino – Inexpensive modular dimmer for Arduino.

Part 1 – Constant voltage mode power PCB for LED strips. (16 outputs), schematic + pcb.


Led cubes powered with 48 channels dimmerino. Video courtesy of Pal Events.

In this first part we present a pcb with 16 constant voltage outputs, suitable for controlling LED strips from one or more colors, with a consumption per output up to 2 amps (or more with cooling), can chain several of these PCBs for the channels we need.
This circuit uses a IC type TLC5940, receiving serial data from the Arduino and controls the amount of 16 outputs with pulse width modulation (PWM).
On outputs of TLC5940 have 16 mosfets which are operating the charge, these mosfets work in court and saturation, thereby reducing the heat dissipated.
The MOSFET can be of type BUZ10, BUZ11IRF540, IRL540 and others.


Schematic pcb led:

Schematic dimmerino led module.


Components view:

Components view dimmerino pcb led.


Download PCB: dimmerino-power-board.pdf


In the next posts will show you how to connect this board to the Arduino, and software to make it work with DMX 512.

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  1. Bruno


    Great projects you have here! And I don’t want to rush you, but do you have any idea when part 2 will be published of Dimerino? I would like to build it for our little theater. I’m trying to build a domotics controller, using the small arduino dmx controller as master to switch all room lights on and off again, together with the dimerino for the event room ledlights.

  2. Herwin24


    Nice project!
    like bruno’s question. is there a part 2?

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