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Art-Net proxy – broadcast to unicast converter


Hi all.
Due to problems that many people have with Art-Net broadcast mode used by many programs, I have wrote a small windows application to convert Art-Net multicast / broadcast to unicast.

This involves the use of a dedicated windows XP machine with 2 ethernet adapters, to act as a “proxy”.

Don’t waste time attempting to run with only one computer proxy and controller, they DON’T WORK.

One ethernet adapter receive Art-Net broadcast from controller, and the other ethernet adapter outputs in unicast to IP adress configured for each universe.

They need more work to be faster, but is usable for small number of universes.

Download here.


You need a Windows XP machine (and probably others Windows, but not tested) with 2 ethernet adapters.

One adapter is configured with static IP subnet mask, this interface is the INPUT.
The other adapter is configured with static IP subnet mask, this interface is the OUTPUT.

You need a config file named “Art-Proxy.cfg” located in C:\

Config file example:

# Art-Proxy config file, one line subnet-universe, other line address to send. *** don’t delete this line ***

Wiring diagram:

Art-proxy wiring diagram

I hope you find it useful 😉


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4 Responses

  1. Janson

    What libraries do you use for compiling? Are they Windows specific or is it possible to compile it on Linux?

    • Toni Merino

      Hi Janson.
      It is written using windows API.
      I’ll post the code, if anyone wants to improve the performance …

  2. vincedub


    thank u for this

    – do you think if it s usuable for 20 universe ?

    – if i use your arduino arnet node with one universe by node with a controller unicast capable do u think i can control 20 or 30 universe?

    best regard


    • Toni Merino


      >controller unicast capable
      If you use unicast controller don’t need the proxy.

      I suppose that performance is very machine dependant, I have used for test an Athlon 64 3000+ with 1GB of RAM and Nvidia / Realtek 100 Mbits ethernet adapters, running Windows XP SP2.

      I have configured Madrix for send broadcast and successful tested with 20 universes.
      If you use a faster machine, with quality ethernet adapters, probably obtain better performance.

      There is a specific problem with MadMapper, each 4 second sends the 256 universes (filled with 0’s if you are not using all 256 universes), this cause high peaks of data, I have not tested yet if appreciable delay occurs using MM.

      You can test performance, configuring Madrix for broadcast the number of universes that needs, configure proxy to number of IP addresses, and plug one (or more) node in one of these addresses to view the speed reached.


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